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X-tra Lube Concentrate Oil Treatment

$23.00 to $968.00

X-TRA LUBE CONCENTRATE oil treatment conditions the oil and resurfaces worn metal surfaces with Bell Performance's MBL technology, to dramatically reduce friction and wear within engines.

Product Details

Concentrated oil treatment which resurfaces metal surfaces in the engine by filling scratches and wear, greatly reducing friction.  Also contains premium additive ingredients to improve and supplement oil detergency, clean metal surfaces of particulates and damaging acids, and protect surfaces during cold start-up.  Just mix with your choice of oil and substitute for your final quart of oil during your next oil change.

Don't be fooled into thinking X-TRA LUBE CONCENTRATE is like other aftermarket products that claim to do similar things.  It does not contain Teflon or Chlorinated Paraffin compounds (which turn into harmful acids in your engine).  There is nothing else like X-TRA LUBE CONCENTRATE on the market today.


  • Provides superior protection against dry and cold starts
  • Increases mileage
  • Quiets rough-running engines
  • Reduces frictions and engine wear
  • Extends engine life
  • Seals the rings in older engines, for better compression and horsepower
  • Not recommended for use in automatic transmissions or motorcycle wet clutches.

Treat Ratio

Treat ratio varies according to the size of your engine (4 or 6 or 8 cylinders): use 2-3 oz. per oil change.  

One 8 oz. bottle will treat 3-4 oil changes, depending on your engine size.  One gallon will treat up to 64 oil changes in most vehicles.