Cars and Light Trucks

Just because you're a regular driver doesn't mean you can't expect the same great value for your money that the commercial big boys expect.  That's exactly what you get when you choose Bell Performance products.

Since the first formulation of Mix-I-Go way back in 1927, cars and light trucks have been benefiting from Bell Performance commercial-grade products all along. Better gas mileage, fewer problems and maintenance, and longer life - that's what the average consumer wants. And that's what Bell Performance products for cars and light trucks deliver.

Ethanol Defense - all-purpose gas treatment to combat ethanol problems in cars and trucks

Mix-I-Go - the original all-purpose gas treatment trusted by drivers since 1927

Dee-Zol - all-purpose diesel fuel treatment for cars and trucks

DFS Plus - commercial-grade water controller

Super-Tane - boosts power and performance in diesel trucks and cars

Injector Cleaner - powerful one-tank injector cleaner

Engine Flush - cleans out oil sludge for better lubrication

X-tra Lube line of lubricants - the world's best lubricants to protect your vehicle's engine and moving parts

Whether your vehicle runs on gasoline, ethanol or diesel - there's a Bell Performance treatment for you.  Want better and longer-lasting oil and more effective grease for your bearings and other squeaky places? Bell Performance has those covered, too. Because Performance Counts!

Dee-Zol Concentrate Diesel Treatment

7 products

Mix-I-Go Concentrate Gasoline and Ethanol Treatment

9 products

Ethanol Defense

5 products

DFS Plus Diesel Fuel Surfactant

3 products

Super-Tane Cetane Improver

4 products

Injector Cleaner

3 products

X-tra Lube Concentrate Oil Additive

1 product

X-tra Lube Grease

2 products

Engine Flush Oil Sludge Remover

3 products