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Special Bundle - Gallon Plus Cap Pack


Now when you bundle a Gallon of your favorite multi-function fuel additive with a dosing cap, we will chip in something extra and save you some bucks.

Order a Gallon bottle of Mix-I-Go, Dee-Zol, Ethanol Defense, Dee-Zol Plus, Marine Dee-Zol or Marine MXO and pair it with one of our Dosing Caps. We've priced them in the shopping cart to save you $5 off the regular price for the fuel treatment plus cap together.

Plus, we will throw in a free 32-oz. empty bottle to use with your dosing cap.

To order this special bundle, just select it on the product page of your favorite fuel treatment. Each bundle is already priced with your $5 discount (i.e. 1 gallon Deezol plus a dosing cap is regularly priced at $100.  Order the bundle in the shopping cart and you'll pay $95).


Which Bell Product Is Right For You?

If you're looking for the best fuel additive to treat ethanol-gasoline, use this handy table to help you pick the best product for your specific use or application.