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Big & Small Performance Pack (Mix-I-Go Concentrate + Small Engine Formula) - Save 15%

$24.85 to $24.85

BIG & SMALL PERFORMANCE PACK - one Mix-I-Go Concentrate (16 oz.) + one Mix-I-Go Small Engine Formula (8 oz.)

Treat and protect your big (cars, trucks) and small (lawnmowers, yard equipment, ATVs) equipment with the BIG & SMALL PERFORMANCE PACK and save 15%!

The BIG & SMALL PERFORMANCE PACK combines one 16-oz. bottle of  MIX-I-GO CONCENTRATE fuel treatment with one 8-oz. MIX-I-GO SMALL ENGINE FORMULA fuel treatment.  It's now easy and convenient to protect and enhance all of your gasoline & ethanol-burning investments.

Purchasing both products together in the BIG & SMALL PERFORMANCE PACK will save you 15% over the regular cost of purchasing both products separately.

Product Details

The MIX-I-GO formulation was first formulated by Robert J. Bell way back in 1927.  Today, it has stood the test of time as the gold standard for quality and performance for gasoline and ethanol additives.  The BIG & SMALL PERFORMANCE PACK gives you convenient formulations of the product for all your gas-powered engines, large and small.

MIX-I-GO CONCENTRATE solves ethanol problems and improves mileage, power and performance in cars, trucks and other vehicles, with a combustion modifier that slows the burns of the fuel and enables more of the fuel to be burned at the correct time, for maximum power and performance.  Its powerful detergents clean injectors, valves, combustion areas and fuel systems, restoring older engines to like-new condition, for peak performance. 

MIX-I-GO SMALL ENGINE FORMULA gives you the same great benefits as the MIX-I-GO CONCENTRATE, but in a convenient treat ratio that is ideal for addition to small two- and four-cycle engine fuel supplies.  It solves ethanol problems, improves performance and fuel economy in small equipment, and protects these valuable engines from the damaging effects of ethanol. 

Mix-I-Go Benefits (Concentrate & Small Engine Formula)

  • Counteracts the effects of ethanol and protects against ethanol damage
  • Increases mileage (up to 12% or more) and horsepower
  • Reduces harmful emissions
  • Removes carbon deposits, gum and varnishes, especially those deposited by ethanol solvency
  • Removes and controls water in gasoline and ethanol
  • Lubricates upper cylinder areas

Treat Ratios

One 16-oz. bottle of MIX-I-GO will treat up to 160 gallons of ethanol and gasoline.  One 8-oz. bottle of MIX-I-GO SMALL ENGINE FORMULA  treats 16 gallons of small engine gasoline and ethanol fuel.