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Classic Car Fuel Treatment Bundle

$50.00 to $54.00

One 16 oz. bottle of Mix-I-Go gas treatment and one 32 oz. bottle of Ethanol Defense plus 2 dosing caps = $50.00 + free shipping.  Or upgrade to a 32 oz. bottle of Mix-I-Go for just $4.00 more!

Take care of both your classic car and your family vehicle with our "old and new" fuel treatment package. Plus, don't miss our free offer below...

16 oz. Mix-I-Go for your classic car

For your classic car, get a 16 oz. bottle of Mix-I-Go, the multi-function gas treatment trusted by drivers since way back in 1927.  Mix-I-Go really helps classic cars by protecting them from the damaging effects of ethanol (if you have to use it) while keeping their engines and fuel systems clean, and giving them better power and performance.

Plus, double your size of Mix-I-Go to 32 oz. for just $4 more.

32 oz. Ethanol Defense for your regular car and all your small equipment

And for your main family vehicle, you also get a 32 oz. bottle of Ethanol Defense to use there. Ethanol Defense helps your family vehicle plus all your small engines (like your lawn equipment or ATVs) even your RV run their best on today's ethanol fuels. Ethanol Defense will give you better mileage and performance, keep the engine and fuel system clean, and protect all your engines from the damaging effects of modern fuel ethanol.

Two bonus dosing caps for free.

As a bonus, you get two dosing caps to help you dispense your Mix-I-Go and Ethanol Defense wherever you use them. Normally, these retail for $9.99 each. You get both of them for FREE.

Plus Free Shipping!

And as a final bonus......Free Shipping on the entire bundle. Who doesn't like that?

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