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DFS Plus - Cases

$120.00 to $358.00

Concentrated fuel supplement with powerful surfactant to control and absorb water in fuel, reducing the potential for microbial contamination, fuel degradation and injector damage

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Treat Ratio

Product Size
Treats Up To  
8 oz.  240 gallons
1 gallon 3840 gallons
5 gallon 19200 gallons
Case (12 - 8 oz.) 2880 gallons
Case (4 - 1 gal.) 15360 gallons


Product Details

Water in diesel fuel is formed through atmospheric conditions (condensation) as well as from hot return fuel (used to cool the injectors). DFS PLUS prevents the problems associated with excess water collection in fuel by absorbing the water into the fuel, enabling it to be passed through the combustion chamber and burned with the fuel with no adverse effects.  Controlling water in fuel with DFS PLUS is an essential part of any fuel maintenance plan that seeks to side-step potential problems with microbial growth in fuel tanks.

Can be used in any type of diesel, biodiesel and ethanol blend.  DFS PLUS is essential for keeping stored fuels fresh and water-free.

Benefits of Using DFS Plus

  • Controls and absorbs water collection in all types of fuel - diesel, gasoline, even ethanol
  • Reduces potential for microbial growth in fuel and fuel tanks
  • Reduces stored fuel instability due to hydrolysis reactions from water 
  • Keeps injectors clean and reduces carbon deposits in combustion chamber
  • Reduces possibility of ice formation in cold weather