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Ethanol Damage Prevention

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Ethanol softens and dissolves rubber and plastic parts in the engine and fuel system of vehicles, boats and small equipment like lawn mowers, ATVs and chain saws.  It also damages 2-cycle engines (which comprise many lawn mowers and lawn equipment pieces) by interfering with the essential oil-fuel lubrication.  The higher percentage the ethanol, the quicker the damage occurs. And once it's done, your equipment is done too.  

Bell Performance answered the call of consumers in 2009 who were clamoring for answers to this problem thrust upon them by the widespread replacement of pure gasoline with 10 and 15 percent ethanol blends.  Whatever the application you're trying to protect - cars, trucks, boats, small engines and equipment - Bell Performance Ethanol Defense or Mix-I-Go are all you need for complete protection against ethanol damage.