The products that started the fuel additive industry!

Bell Performance gasoline treatments are the best on the market to improve gasoline and solve the fuel-related engine problems inherent to these fuels.

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Which Additive is Right for You?

Mix-I-Go - the original all-purpose gas treatment trusted by drivers since 1927

Ethanol Defense - top multi-function solution for treating ethanol-blend gasoline

Mix-I-Go Small Engine - all-purpose treatment formulated to protect gas-powered small engines

Injector Cleaner - powerful one-tank injector cleaner for gasoline engines

Bellicide - kills microbial infestations in stored gasoline

Try proven fuel treatments from Bell Performance to solve ethanol problems in all types of gasoline engines, large and small.

Mix-I-Go Concentrate Gasoline and Ethanol Treatment

7 products

Injector Cleaner

3 products

Bellicide Biocide Treatment

2 products

Mix-I-Go Small Engine Formula

3 products

Ethanol Defense

6 products

Product Bundles

14 products