X-tra Lube Lubrication

The X-tra Lube line of lubrication treatments from Bell Performance offers high quality calcium sulfonate technology - the same lubricating technology trusted by heavy industry for decade to protect their million dollar pieces of equipment.

Commercial-Grade Lubricating Technology For Your Most Important Jobs

X-tra Lube oil-soluble lubricant and grease with crystalline overbased calcium sulfonate is advanced lubricating technology, has proven its worth over the years in the toughest lubricating scenarios that businesses, industry and consumers face.

Their patented calcium sulfonate backbone gives you market-leading anti-wear and extreme pressure protection, as well as protection against buildup of harmful sludge and acid contaminants that harm lubricated surfaces.

Choose X-tra Lube Concentrate for your lubricating oil for commercial-grade lubrication protection.


Choose X-tra Lube Grease wherever you need the world’s best grease protection for your essential equipment.

X-tra Lube Concentrate Oil Additive

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X-tra Lube Grease

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