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Bio Dee-Zol Plus - All-Purpose Winter Treatment for Biodiesel

$35.00 to $99.00

All-purpose cold weather biodiesel fuel treatment with cold flow bio-protectant

Save 15% on Cases

Combines our same unique blend of combustion improver, cetane improver, water eliminator, dispersant, stabilizer, and detergents with bio-specific cold flow protectants to address the most common problems seen with biodiesel blends used in winter environments.  All made with ingredients optimized for biodiesel fuels.

Treat Ratio

One ounce treats 10 gallons of biodiesel fuel.  One gallon treats up to 1,280 gallons. 

Product Size
Treats Up To  
32 oz.         320 gallons
1 gallon 1280 gallons
Case (12 - 32 oz.) 3840 gallons
Case (4 - 1 Gal.) 5120 gallons

BIO DEE-ZOL PLUS can be used with every tank of biodiesel blends to help you get the most out of them.

Benefits of Using Bio Dee-Zol Plus

  • Improves mileage and horsepower
  • Raises fuel cetane number
  • Helps improve biodiesel cold weather handling
  • Cleans injectors and combustion chambers to target and remove biodiesel-related deposits
  • Reduces pollutants and smoke
  • Controls water
  • Stabilizes biodiesel blends and protects their stored fuel quality

WARNING: Cancer Harm

For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov