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Cold Flow Improver for Diesel - Cases

$207.60 to $312.00

Cold flow treatment for diesel fuel that reduces gelling, controls water and improves diesel fuel handling in cold weather. A must for winter diesel use!

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Treat Ratio

Product Size
Treats Up To  
32 oz.         250 gallons
1 gallon 1000 gallons
5 gallon 5000 gallons
Case (12 - 32 oz.) 3000 gallons
Case (4 - 1 Gal.) 4000 gallons


Product Details

Cold Flow Improver is a very effective anti-coagulant designed to prevent diesel fuels, especially the higher paraffinic, low sulfur diesel from gelling during cold weather operation.


  • Prevents wax crystals from coagulating into a gel
  • Lowers cold filter plug point by up to 40°F
  • Reduces the need for dilution with kerosene, #1 diesel or gasoline in cold temperatures
  • Maintains fuel BTU valve
  • Reduces corrosion due to moisture
  • Eliminates fuel line freeze   


When added to both high- and low-Sulfur diesel, continuous use of Cold Flow Improver during temperatures below +10°F will result in easier starting, better economy, less engine wear, reduced downtime, better performance and lower fuel costs.