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Cold Weather Fuel Bundle: Cold Flow Improver or Dee-Zol Plus & Quick Thaw diesel rescue treatment

$52.00 to $55.00

Everything you need to protect your diesel fuel through the coming cold weather.  Buy two bottles (32 oz.) of Dee-Zol Plus or Cold Flow Improver and get a bottle of Quick Thaw diesel rescue treatment.

2 x 32 oz. Cold Flow Improver + 1 x 32 oz. Quick Thaw - $79.00.

2 x 32 oz. Dee-Zol Plus + 1 x 32 oz. Quick Thaw - $76.00.

Get the cold weather diesel fuel treatment and protection you need with one of our Cold Weather Fuel Treatment Bundles.


Concentrated multi-function diesel fuel supplement with added cold flow improver ingredients to solve diesel fuel-related problems in cold weather.

Product Details

  Bell Performance's DEE-ZOL PLUS contains all the wonderful benefits and characteristics of DEE-ZOL treatment for diesel fuel. It improves mileage and power, delivers industry-leading injector cleaning and combustion chamber detergency, raises fuel cetane, provides lubricity and controls water without using alcohol. In addition, it conditions the fuel for cold weather with a cold flow improver which reduces the fuel cold filter plug point. 



Cold flow treatment for diesel fuel that reduces gelling, controls water and improves diesel fuel handling in cold weather. A must for winter diesel use!

Cold Flow Improver is a very effective anti-coagulant designed to prevent diesel fuels, especially the higher paraffinic, low sulfur diesel from gelling during cold weather operation.


  • Prevents wax crystals from coagulating into a gel
  • Lowers cold filter plug point by up to 40°F
  • Reduces the need for dilution with kerosene, #1 diesel or gasoline in cold temperatures
  • Maintains fuel BTU valve
  • Reduces corrosion due to moisture
  • Eliminates fuel line freeze   


Emergency treatment that restores frozen or gelled fuel in cold weather, getting your vehicle back on the road to save you time, money and hassle!

Product Details

Use to liquefy frozen or gelled diesel fuel caused by wax formation or ice crystals in cold weather.  When used according to directions, QUICK-THAW will completely thaw the entire fuel system in about 20 minutes. Great for diesel vehicles operating in colder climates where ambient temperatures can encourage filter plugging by wax crystals present in low- and ultra-low sulfur diesel fuels.