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Dee-Zol Concentrate Diesel Treatment

$17.00 to $252.00

Concentrated multi-function diesel fuel supplement that solves common fuel-related problems. Improves combustion, reduces emissions, cleans deposits, controls water accumulation and increases fuel cetane rating.  The best diesel treatment money can buy!  

Product Details

Bell's Dee-Zol Concentrate is specially formulated to solve all diesel related problems in low and high sulfur diesel fuels. It was the world's first diesel additive and has been manufactured continuously since 1954.

Treat Ratio 

Dee-Zol Treat Ratios

Benefits of Using Dee-Zol

  • Increases Mileage (3-5% or more)
  • Keeps Injectors, Rings, and Valves Clean
  • Eliminates Engine Sludge 
  • Controls and Removes Water Buildup
  • Increases Available Horsepower(5-10%)
  • Reduces Downtime
  • Reduces Harmful Emissions up to 90%
  • Reduces Downshifting
  • Stabilizes Fuel  
  • Increases cetane rating

Bell's Dee-Zol Concentrate is a balanced formulation for all grades and brands of diesel fuel, with a dispersant, moisture eliminator, detergent, cetane improver, combustion-improving modifier, lubricant, and fuel preservative.

How Dee-Zol Compares

See for yourself how Dee-Zol Concentrate compares to other diesel fuel treatments on the market today. Click the image below to enlarge.

Diesel Additive Comparison Chart


Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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