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Dee-Zol Life Fuel Stability Treatment - Cases

$184.00 to $326.00

Stabilizes and prevents aging of all types of diesel fuel, preserving fuel quality and performance

Product Details

Formulated to prevent the problems associated with fuel aging and breakdown resulting from storage of fuel for long periods of time. Reduces the formation of harmful sludge and sediments in stored diesel fuel. Also reduces filter plugging problems associated with shellac and varnish deposits formed during fuel storage. Addition of DEE-ZOL LIFE to diesel fuel enables the fuel to meet and/or exceed U.S. Military and ASTM Storage Standards.

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Benefits of Using Dee-Zol Life

  • Prevents fuel from aging and darkening
  • Reduces sludge and sediment formation
  • Disperses water
  • Reduces filter plugging due to shellac and varnish deposits
  • Improves ease of starting

Treat Ratio

1 quart to 500 gallons of fuel; 1 gallon to 2000 gallons of fuel

Cost to Treat

32 oz Bottle - Less than 6 cents per gallon of fuel

1 Gallon Jug - 4 cents per gallon of fuel

WARNING: Cancer Harm

For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov