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Dee-Zol Plus Winter Treatment for Diesel Fuel

$25.99 to $85.00

Concentrated multi-function diesel fuel supplement with added cold flow improver ingredients to solve diesel fuel-related problems in cold weather.

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Product Details

Bell Performance's Dee-Zol Plus contains all the wonderful benefits and characteristics of Dee-Zol treatment for diesel fuel. In addition, it conditions the fuel for cold weather with a cold flow improver which reduces the fuel cold filter plug point by 15°F. The anti-gel ingredient in Dee-Zol Plus reduces the size of diesel fuel wax crystals so that they will pass through the filter. This allows the fuel to flow and prevents clogging of the fuel filter. Diesel engine operators all over the world benefit from the multi-function cold weather benefits of Dee-Zol Plus with Anti-Gel.

Benefits of Using Dee-Zol Plus

  • Increases Mileage and Horsepower
  • Reduces Start-up Problems in Cold Weather
  • Reduces Polluting Emissions
  • Reduces Vehicle Downtime
  • Eliminates Water
  • Lowers Cold Filter Plug Point
  • Reduces Downshifting 
  • Replaces Lubrication Lost In Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel  

Treat Ratio

Dee-Zol Plus Winter Treatment Treat Ratios

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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