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FP ATP-L 25 Reagents Package (25 tests)

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Whether you’re just starting out and need everything or you’re stocking up on multiple items, shop for convenient packs of testing reagents and consumables, bundled together to save.,

The FP ATP-L 25 Reagents Package contains all necessary reagents needed to conduct 25 ATP-L tests.  

NOTE - Luminometer and module are required for this product's use during testingFor more information on purchasing the required Luminometer and module, please click here.

FP ATP-L 25 Reagents Package (25 tests)

Ideal for smaller or lower-volume restocking of essential testing supplies.
All the reagents you need to conduct 25 ATP-L microbial tests
Requires luminometer and module for testing
Includes the following essential components:
  • One (1) 25 count Dilution Fluid 9 ml tubes
  • One (1) Extraction Fluid 30 ml
  • One (1) Washing Fluid 125 ml
  • Two (2) FP Enzyme bottle with rehydration buffer
  • One (1) Calibration Fluid 5 ml