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Quick Thaw Restoring Treatment for Gelled Diesel Fuel

$24.00 to $24.00

32 oz. bottle

Emergency treatment that restores frozen or gelled fuel in cold weather, getting your vehicle back on the road to save you time, money and hassle!

Product Details

Use to liquefy frozen or gelled diesel fuel caused by wax formation or ice crystals in cold weather.  When used according to directions, QUICK-THAW will completely thaw the entire fuel system in about 20 minutes. Great for diesel vehicles operating in colder climates where ambient temperatures can encourage filter plugging by wax crystals present in low- and ultra-low sulfur diesel fuels.

Save 15% on Cases

Every diesel truck should keep a bottle of QUICK THAW on hand for emergency cold weather rescue treatment.

 Treat Ratio

Product Size
Treats Up To  
32 oz. 50 gallons
1 gallon 200 gallons
Case (12 - 32 oz.) 600 gallons
Case (4 - 1 gal.) 800 gallons

Benefits of Using Quick Thaw

  • Completely safe and easy to use
  • Contains no harmful alcohols
  • Will not harm any engine component 

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