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X-tra Lube Grease

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14 oz. tube

X-TRA LUBE GREASE is the World's Best Grease!  It combines patented calcite technology with high quality calcium sulfonate base grease for market-leading protection and performance in essential areas needed by grease users.

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Product Details

X-tra Lube Grease is a #2 Grade calcium sulfonate grease ideal for whatever applications you need lubricating grease.

When you need lubricating grease, you need it to protect against friction and wear at the highest amounts of extreme pressure possible.

But you also need it to stay together at high temperatures.  You need it to stay put even when water threatens to wash it out of where it needs to be.  You need it to last a long time even when long periods of high stress and use. You need your grease to do all these things and more.

X-tra Lube Grease excels in the toughest applications with industry-leading performance in all of the key areas where greases need to excel.

EXCEPTIONAL THERMAL & MECHANICAL STABILITY to hold up under the toughest periods of machinery stress

HIGH DROPPING POINT in excess of 600 degrees F to allow for the broadest range of operating temperature needed

EXTREME LOAD CARRYING & WEAR PROPERTIES to provide the advanced protection X-tra Lube users have come to expect

EXCELLENT CORROSION RESISTANCE & PROTECTION to protect essential lubricated areas from damage

ADVANCED OXIDATION RESISTANCE to protect and stand up better to the effects of air and oxygen that would destroy lesser greases over time

RESISTANCE TO WATER WASHOUT to continue providing needed protection even under the kind of wet or humid conditions experienced by many industrial users

X-tra Lube Grease’s superior formulation equals, and in many ways, outperforms other premium high temperature greases such as Lithium Complex, Aluminum Complex, and Polyurea. One tube of X-tra Lube Grease will outlast and outperform multiple tubes of lesser bargain greases.

That’s why it’s The World’s Best Grease.