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X-tra Lube Concentrate Oil Additive

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8 oz. Bottle (Treats 3-4 Oil Changes)

X-Tra Lube oil additive

X-TRA LUBE CONCENTRATE oil additive conditions the oil and protects lubricated surfaces with patented calcite technology, to dramatically reduce friction and wear in engines and equipment.

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Treat Ratio

Use 2 oz. per oil change (5-6 quarts of oil).

For larger oil volumes and industrial lubricating oil treatment, use a 1:80 treat ratio.

One 8 oz. bottle will treat 3-4 oil changes, depending on the vehicle oil capacity.  One gallon will treat up to 64 oil changes in most automobiles and light trucks.

Product Details

Concentrated oil treatment with patented calcite/calcium sulfonate technology that dramatically strengthens the engine oil film and multiplies its anti-wear and extreme pressure protection. 

Resurfaces metal surfaces in the engine by filling scratches and wear, greatly reducing friction.  Also cleans and lubricates metal surfaces of particulate and harmful contaminant buildup while neutralizing damaging acids to protect vital areas from corrosion damage.

Just mix with your choice of oil and substitute for your final quart of oil during your next oil change. Or add the recommended amount directly to your engine.

Don't be fooled into thinking X-TRA LUBE CONCENTRATE is like other oil additives that claim to do similar things.  It does not contain Teflon or Chlorinated Paraffin compounds (which turn into harmful acids in your engine).  It will not plug today’s ultra high efficiency oil filters like other particle-based oil treatments can.

Whether you need to protect private or fleet vehicles, limited-use equipment, heavy industrial or essential stationary equipment, or any place else where lubrication is important, using X-TRA LUBE CONCENTRATE will satisfy all your needs:

  • Reduces friction & wear
  • Quiets the engine
  • Lowers engine operating temperature
  • Cleans metal surfaces and protects against sludge and contaminant buildup
  • Neutralizes harmful acids that may damage lubricated surfaces
  • Won’t plug oil filters or settle out in the oil supply

NOTE: Not recommended for use in automatic transmission fluid or in motorcycle wet clutches

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